Great idea for a gift - Robot "MG-304"

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PRICE: 58€

I’m a Robot who isn’t afraid of anything. I will pass on every honest thought you might ever want to express...

confess your love for someone, give your wishes, leave a message, say something nice and hand me to someone close to you....

In a word, I can be an extraordinary and unique gift to someone close to your heart. Let your imagination flow and you’ll see what I can do.

You can give me a name and have it etched into my torso.


Each robot is equipped with a recording module that can capture a voice recording of up to 20 seconds.


The robot is made from hardwood plywood and additional components, depending on its function.


Shipping cost: 14€




Made in Poland
30cm x 18 cm
Completion time:
TBA, depending on the number of units ordered
Shipping time:
1-2 working days

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